LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station

Studies show that by replacing your old inefficient box style canopy lights with LED Canopy lights for gas station you can save money, improve your customer experience and actually increase profits.

Upgrade Your Gas LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station

Retrofit your old inefficient box style canopy lights with flush mount LED canopy lights and save money and operation costs through 90% energy savings and less bulb replacement and light maintenance.

We Upgrade Old Lights to LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

If you have old fashioned lighting at your gas station then you are undoubtedly used to regularly replacing bulbs and paying unnecessarily high electric bills. And even after all that, you’re still dealing with unimpressive lighting that doesn’t attract attention. The good news is that you aren’t stuck with the scottsdale box style lights or other older lamps that are currently installed in your canopy. At Tom Sawyer Construction, we offer LED canopy lighting retrofits, which give you all the advantages of LEDs without having to completely overhaul the canopy system.

Our upgrades are cost effective, simple, and use existing fixtures, so we don’t need to disturb the canopy seals when installing the new lights. This means you don’t have to worry about canopy leaks, which can happen with other retrofit methods. Our retrofits come in a variety of sizes and power packs, making them suitable for nearly any application, and the LED lights come in a range of lumens and color temperatures, so you can get the exact look and level of illumination that you desire.

What’s even better is that in many areas there are state, local, and federal incentives for upgrading to energy efficient lighting. We’re extremely familiar with all the current incentives and help our customers get everything that’s available to them, so they can save as much money as possible on their upgrade and get the quickest return on their investment.

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Let your LED Gas Station Canopy Lights Shine

Stand out from the crowd with vivid LED canopy lights for gas station. Bright white LED gas station canopy lights make your gas station more inviting and noticeable, both of which can entice drivers to choose your gas station instead of one of your competitor’s.

LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station
Flush Mount LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station
LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station

Benefits of LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

Fundamentally, LED canopy lights for gas station are used to provide illumination but it also does so much more than that. Here are eight other benefits that these lights deliver, and while these perks are geared towards gas station owners and operators, they apply to many other businesses as well.

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What kind of energy savings can you expect with LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station?

Check out these figures:

  • LED canopy lights for gas station can lower energy bills up to 90%, depending on the efficiency of the lights they’re replacing.
  • LED canopy lights have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours
  • Although every canopy is different, often retrofitting just one canopy can lower energy costs by more than $6,800 per year (not even including the savings on maintenance).
  • With rebates and other incentives, you’ll likely see a return on your investment in less than 5 years.
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1. Stand Out From the Competition

With the right lighting, your establishment can literally outshine the competition. Bright LED canopy lights make your gas station more noticeable and inviting, both of which can entice drivers to pull into your station instead of a competitor’s.  And with gas stations and convenience stores on nearly every corner and often right across the street from each other, it’s more important than ever for those in this industry to use every strategy available to bring in customers. Often, a good first impression is what it takes to win over a potential customer, and for fuel stations especially, the look of your facility is what’s delivering that first impression. With bright, friendly lighting, passersby will feel better about your business versus a competitor’s dimly-lit store.

 2. Increase Safety

LED canopy lights not only make your station stand out to drivers on the road, the increased illumination will also make your lot safer and instill confidence in potential customers that they’ll be secure refueling at your pumps. Indeed, bright, clear lighting can be the deciding point in whether a driver chooses to stop at your station or to keep going and see what’s next. In addition, a well-illuminated lot can deter criminals and troublemakers who prefer to do their activities in the shadows.

3. Improve Customer Experience

The welcoming, inviting, safe environment that LED canopy lights for gas station provide can instantly improve customer experience. Visitors to your gas station or business will feel comfortable staying a while, taking a rest from their journeys, and possibly spending more in your convenience store and on other services. With that in mind, consider using LEDs throughout your station, including over the pumps, in the general lot, and in the car wash.

Yes, car washes can be an effective income stream for your station, and LED luminaires make this service even more alluring to customers. These energy efficient luminaires are waterproof and come in a range of colors that can make the car wash fun and dynamic for users.

4. Increase Profits

It’s amazing to think that a change in lighting can really lead to a positive impact on your business’ bottom line, but it’s true! The increased safety, customer experience, and enticing atmosphere that these lights offer, ultimately lead to more people stopping at your business and spending more money while there.

5. Save Energy & Reduce Operation Costs

Many existing gas stations and convenience stores are still using metal halide lamps, and scottsdale box style lights which was a revolutionary technology 40 years ago but is now outdated. These lights put out a lot of heat, which means they’re wasting a significant amount of energy. Upgrading from these or some other older luminary can make a major difference in your energy consumption, which is good for both you and the environment.

6. Less Maintenance

Because LEDs have such long lifespans, they need replacing very rarely. This results in far fewer instances of buying new bulbs and paying an electrician per visit to come out with a lift to replace the lights. When using older lights, many station operators wait until multiple bulbs need replacing, so they don’t have to go through the replacement hassle as often. Unfortunately, this leads to patchy, unattractive lighting that deters customers. LEDs, on the other hand, usually last 2 to 5 times longer than older luminaires and aren’t as noticeable when they do go out.

7. Works with Energy Management Systems

Many LED canopy lights for gas station are capable of integrating with energy management systems, which make it possible to optimize your energy use even more. Through these easy-to-use devices, you can program lights to turn on and off at certain hours, monitor light output, and make other adjustments all from a single platform that’s connected with an entire energy managment system. What’s more, many of them offer regular status reports and system feedback, so you can see exactly how your business is using energy. It’s never been easier to maintain and monitor lighting and energy use!

8. Superior Light Distribution

LED luminaires come in a variety of beam shapes and sizes, so you can get the lighting you need for your specific space and canopy. These bright, modern lights have greater distribution than older technologies that would struggle to illuminate expansive areas, leave pockets of darkness, or that had an unappealing yellowish hue. With LEDs, your station can have even, uninterrupted illumination underneath the entire canopy.


What are LED Canopy Lights

“LED Canopy lights are designed to mount overhead on a structure to provide even and direct lighting. They are best suited for gas stations, parking structures, car washes, walkways, entryways, and other covered, outdoor areas. LEDs are the latest type of lighting being used in gas station canopies, and many business owners are switching to them for their aesthetic appeal, to reduce energy costs, and for their many other benefits. Canopy LEDs come in a wide variety of sizes and profiles and can replace fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, incandescent bulbs, and more.”

-Tom Sawyer

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights Studies: Proving their Effectiveness

LED canopy lights for gas station aren’t just something we think are a good idea, there are countless studies showing the genuine improvements these lights can make. For example, below are just three of the many examples where switching to LEDs made a huge impact on a gas station’s business and bottom line.

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Case Study One:

Petro-Canada Stations used LED Lighting in Instead of Neon

What Happened:

In 2004, all new Petro-Canada stations were outfitted with LED lights in their canopies. Their goals were to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs as well as eliminate the potential health and safety risks associated with neon. The lights provided a single band of light around the canopy and over the gas pumps as opposed to other systems that have gaps in the light every 7 to 10 feet. This helped passersby to see and notice the canopy from a distance.

The End Result:

  • The LEDs used just 15% of the electricity used by neon.
  • The new lights reduced operating costs and energy consumption as compared to the company’s other stations.
  • Members of the management team said the look was superior to their older lights.

Case Study Two:

Timewise Shell Gas Stations Retrofitted their Canopy Lighting with LEDs

What Happened:

In an effort to reduce energy costs and help the environment, owners of a Timewise Shell gas station and convenience store in Laredo, Texas decided to upgrade the lighting in their ten-fuel dispenser island canopy from 320-watt metal halide fixtures to LED luminaries. In addition, they replaced the halide fixtures in the car wash canopy with LEDs.

The End Result:

  • They reduced energy use by 80% in the island canopy and by 61% in the car wash.
  • Their new lights were virtually maintenance-free.
  • The LEDs provided a return on investment in just 3 years.
  • Gas station representatives said the change was good for business, their customers, and the community.

Case Study Three:

Holiday Convenience Stores in the Twin Cities Area Upgrade to LEDs

What Happened:

Tired of dealing with canopy lights that were fading, burned out, and hogging energy, Holiday Convenience stores enlisted the services of Premier Lighting to help them find a more efficient and long term lighting solution for three of their Twin Cities stores. Premier Lighting swapped out all of their 400W HID fixtures for 120W LED canopy luminaires.

The End Result:

  • Light levels at the stores increased by 20%.
  • Holiday saved 74% on energy at all three stores.
  • All stores got a ROI in less than 2 years.
  • Holiday owners were pleased with the more attractive and low-maintenance lighting.

Based on just the three case studies above, we can see the real, positive results that upgrading to LED canopy lights for gas station can deliver to gas stations.  Whether your business is most concerned with reducing maintenance costs, lowering energy consumption, being “greener,” or simply having nicer looking illumination, LEDs can help you meet those goals.

See What You Can Save

Ultimately, gas station LED canopy lights provide the greatest of all available gas station canopy light options: low energy demands, high illumination, long lifespans, and appealing lighting that attracts customers. Like any type of upgrade, retrofitting your canopy lights with LEDs comes with upfront costs. However, as mentioned, they will pay for themselves over time in energy savings. If you’re interested in learning more about how canopy lights might work for your unique situation, contact Premier Lighting. We’ll be happy to give you a savings estimate to give you a better idea of how much you can expect to save over time with a LED canopy light retrofit.

Halogen Canopy Light Replacement:

We Offer Scottsdale Box Canopy Light Replacement

Replace those old ugly inefficient box style canopy lights with flush mount LED canopy lights for gas station and start staving money today.

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At Tom Sawyer construction customers regularly come to us wondering what they can do about their old Scottsdale Box canopy lights. The problem is that, while these lights were once common, these huge boxy lamps are now looked at as an eye sore, and are considered inefficient, and simply outdated. We’re happy to say that we do offer retrofitted Scottsdale replacements and can swap out these bulky 320W lights with beautiful, flush mount LED canopy lights for gas station.

If you’re trying to decide whether to “make do” with your old Scottsdale halogen lights or have them replaced, keep in mind that lighting typically makes up 40% of a commercial building’s electric bill, and this can be even higher with gas stations. Switching from halogens to LEDs can realistically cut that percentage in half. We know that gas station operators feel relentless pressure to reduce operating costs, and making the upgrade is one way to make that happen.