Gas Station Canopy Repair

When it comes to gas station canopy repair, construction, and rebranding, Tom Sawyer Construction is your one-stop shop. Whether you’re starting from scratch, are looking to upgrade your current canopy, or require anything from regular maintenance to more major repairs Tom Sawyer Construction literally has you covered.

Tom Sawyer’s Gas Station Canopy Repair Team

Tom Sawyer’s Gas Station Canopy repair team will take care of the whole process from start to finish. Tom takes pride in being a leader in the industry being, HAAG certified and a GAF certified roofing contractor as well as being a member in good standing with the National Roofing and Contractors association with a great reputation to boot.

LED Canopy Lights

Improve your customer experience with LED gas station canopy lights and save energy, reduce costs and increase profits.

Insurance Process

We are well-acquainted with gas station canopy repair and our experience can help you survive the insurance process.

Canopy Rebranding

When marketing contracts lapse or ownership changes hands, give us a call for a full gas station rebranding quote.

Gas Station Canopy Repair and Storm Restoration

As a business owner or manager, the last thing you need is for your gas station to be out of action because of damage to the canopy. Whether it’s the result of weather damage, vehicle damage or failing gutters, we can repair and restore your gas station canopy to be back to new in the shortest possible time.

If you’re looking for a company you can trust to make your gas station canopy repair or storm restoration job easy, you’ve found us! With years of experience in repairing gas station canopies, we know how to recognize storm damage and how to deal with the insurance companies. We offer a full service that will walk you all the way through from the initial inspection to carrying out all repair work and seeing your business resume its full operations. Regardless of the cause, if you’ve got unrepaired canopy damage at your gas station, contact us today.

Weather-Related Causes of Gas Station Canopy Damage

Throughout the southern states wild weather is a major cause of damage to gas station canopies. Because the canopy deck pan acts as both the ceiling and the roof, it’s the area that’s most susceptible to serious damage from hail, tornadoes and straight-line winds.

Left untreated, weather-related deck pan damage can quickly start to rust. Once this happens, deterioration will continue and can quite quickly cause further damage to the structural frame, fascia and electrics. Naturally, this results in more work needing to be done, forcing a disruption or closure to business and a larger repair bill.

Another major weather-related cause of damage to gas station canopies is from winter salts and snow. As the main support beams are almost constantly exposed to these harsh conditions in winter, rust and general corrosion are often present. The support beams should be inspected regularly and seen to at the first sign of damage to prevent the strength of the whole structure from being compromised.

Other Common Causes of Gas Station Canopy Damage

Bad weather isn’t the only cause of damage to gas station canopies. Vehicle collisions (even at low speed) can cause a significant amount of damage. Fortunately, not only can we repair and repaint any damage a vehicle causes to your canopy, but we can also take preventative measures to protect from any future harm. This may include making changes to your forecourt layout, installing strengthening reinforcement or even cutting and raising the height of your canopy to accommodate taller vehicles.

Failing to address regular canopy maintenance issues is another major cause of damage. Your guttering is particularly susceptible to this. Blocked and leaking canopy gutters due to leaves, foreign objects and breakages are a common occurrence. If your drains aren’t functioning properly, the whole structure of your gas station canopy is compromised as water weighs down the entire deck pan.

We can also assist you with cleaning up damage resulting from vandalism and can match paint colors to fit with your branding.

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Gas Station Canopy Repair Services

    • Hail Damage Canopy Repair
    • Tornado Damage Canopy Repair
    • Replace or Repair Canopy Deck Pan
    • Fascia Canopy Replacement
    • Full Gas Station Canopy Rebranding
    • Rusted Column Repair
    • Canopy Column Sleeves
    • Vehicle Damage Canopy Repair
    • Canopy Rust Repair
    • Canopy Gutter Repair
    • Gutter Replacement
    • Canopy Conduit Electrical Repair
    • Gas Station Canopy Repainting
    • Color Match Existing Paint
    • Soot Masking Paint
    • Preventative Canopy Maintenance
    • Gas Station Canopy Construction
    • Gas Station Canopy Upgrades
    • Bollard Installation
    • Bollard Covers

Gas Station Canopy Construction

Having a gas station canopy that looks the part isn’t just good for attracting business. A structurally sound design is necessary to protect your customers and workers from the elements whether they’re pumping gas during mid-summer heat or out in cold, wet and snowy conditions.

Canopy Repair
Gas Station Canopy Replace
Gas Station Repair

Gas Station Canopy Construction

When it comes to gas station canopy construction, Tom Sawyer has years of experience we’ll use to build you a structure that’s strong, modern and eye-catching. Offering a range of services from new installs to replacement of gas station canopies, we give you peace of mind in knowing the job’s being done properly.

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Components of Gas Station Canopy Construction

  • A gas station canopy is constructed using columns that are wrapped in aluminium and attached to the main support beams that are attached to the outrigger support beams set perpendicular to the main support beams. These beams provide the support for the deck pan which acts as both the ceiling and the roof of your gas station canopy.
  • Bracing is then attached along the outside of the deck pan to which the fascia is then also attached. Once the fascia is complete, we can then kit your gas station canopy out with your company’s logo and branding by attaching it to this outer layer.
  • We’ll also build the right type of guttering into your gas station canopy design to effectively drain water away so that poor drainage and leaks don’t compromise the structure of your gas station canopy over time.
  • Once the structure is then in place, we’ll also outfit the canopy with conduit. This is where your electrical components of your gas station canopy will reside to provide sufficient power and lighting throughout your canopy. The conduit is usually fitted above the deck pan for greater visual appeal.

How Soon Should I Get My Gas Station Canopy Repaired?

Any unrepaired damage, regardless of how significant it is, is still susceptible to further damage until it’s fixed. For example, minor hail damage that hasn’t been seen to can begin to rust. This has the potential to cause further water damage and will probably require more of your canopy to be repaired and/or replaced.

It’s for this reason that we always advise our customers to get any suspected damage or maintenance needs looked at as soon as possible. Fixing any problems while they’re more minor is always the cheapest and easiest way to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer from more extensive problems resulting from damage or wear and tear to your gas station canopy.

Gas Station Rebranding Services

  • Fascia Rebranding
  • Pole Sign Rebranding
  • Fuel Pump Spanners and Toppers
  • POS Signage Rebranding
  • Trash Valet Signage Rebranding
  • Bollard Painting to Match Brand
  • Windshield Service Signage
  • Graphic Design & Vinyl Signs
  • Rebrand Commercial-Grade Electric Signage
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Gas Station Canopy Rebranding

Your gas station canopy is the face of your company, look and branding. It’s what attracts most of your customers to stop, fill up and buy those profitable extras. So, could your station do with a facelift?

If you’re considering it, the answer’s probably a big YES! And, whether you’ve just bought a new business or have owned a gas station for a while, it’s a totally worthwhile investment. There’s a good reason why franchisers sometimes require upgrades to maintain brand compliance. Rebranding your gas station canopy is a great way to refresh your forecourt and retail store image in a modern, eye-catching way and has great potential to increase your total sales. It’ll also give you the chance to make any necessary or beneficial upgrades to your structure, fascia, lighting or wiring. Doing these jobs that are simple today, can pay dividends later when more major problems are avoided.

Don’t let your brand stagnate! Rebranding with Tom Sawyer Construction is an easy, enjoyable and worthwhile experience. With prompt turnaround times to minimize disruption to your business, pricing options to suit all budgets and the right certifications for your peace of mind, contact us today to see how valuable rebranding your gas station canopy could be today.

Other Types of Canopies We Repair

Although our primary focus is on repairing gas station canopies, we can also repair and replace other canopies including, highschool entrance canopy, hotel entrance canopy, walkway entrance canopy, access control point canopy, military entrance canopy, truck inspection canopy, weigh station canopy, toll booth plaza canopy, apartment parking canopy, airport parking canopy, perimeter security canopy, drive-through canopy, bank ATM canopy, and pharmacy canopy.

If you require construction, repairs, maintenance or rebranding of any other type of canopy, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Cost of Gas Station Canopy Repair

The cost of your job will largely depend on the nature and extent of the damage. For an estimate of your gas station canopy cost, call us today. We’ll schedule an inspection of the site to better gauge your needs and the likely timeframe for repair.

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The Process of Getting Your Gas Station Canopy Repaired

  1. Inspection and assessment – After getting in touch with us, we’ll organize for one of our friendly representatives to come and inspect your canopy damage. During our assessment, we’ll consider the extend of the damage and the urgency for repairs. If there’s anything we or you can do in the meantime to prevent further deterioration, danger or minimize disruption to your business, we’ll suggest it.
  2. Provide a comprehensive repair plan – Following that, we’ll create a comprehensive repair plan that will detail all obvious work that needs to be completed along with a cost estimate.
  3. Help with your insurance claim – As insurance specialists, we can even help you negotiate with your insurance company to get the accurate, fair and timely settlement that you deserve.
  4. Complete repair work – Once your insurance claim has been approved, we’ll get to work fixing your damage. This may include removing and replacing damaged canopy components, reinforcing the current structure and/or raising the canopy height to prevent future damage and even upgrading your signage and branding while we’re at it. Because we’re experts in gas station canopy repair, we’ve developed techniques that make completing your repair work as fast as possible. We understand your need to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Types of Gas Station Canopy Repair Services We Offer

Canopy Upgrades – If it’s time to upgrade your gas station canopy with new signs, lights, guttering, wiring or any other component, we can do the job!

Emergency repairs – When a canopy is damaged suddenly and irreparably, we’ll help to get your gas station running at full capacity as quickly as possible to minimize any hazards, liabilities and losses. Examples of emergency repairs include structural damage to columns from a vehicle driving into the canopy and any loose guttering, fascia, electrical components or hood materials that pose a significant hazard and liability to your customers and gas station.

Standard repairs – Standard gas station canopy repairs includes any type of damage that’s non-structural and poses low or no threat to your customers. This could involve repairing minor vehicle damage, minor storm damage or wear and tear on the canopy.

Preventative maintenance – Failing to complete preventative maintenance is one of the major causes of more significant gas station canopy damage. Therefore, it’s vital that you have regular maintenance performed on your canopy. This may involve checking for and fixing leaks, cleaning gutters, treating any rust early and pressure washing your canopy to prevent unsightly dirt and dust from building up on the fascia.